Dec 26, 2017

Best of 2017, Travel

View from Hallgrímskirkja Church tower in Reykjavik, Iceland
From Driving Ring Road, Western Iceland

One of my favorite parts of year end here on this little blog of mine is looking back at progress over the year and taking time to see what worked out best. Today I’m sharing what the most popular travel content has been, and it looks like packing lists are still at the top.

Top 10 Travel Posts on Hej Doll in 2017

What's in my bag? Minimal travel makeup, the 5 makeup products I took with me to Paris.10. In my Bag, Minimal Travel Makeup

5 Tips For Packing a Weekender Bag9. Tips for Packing a Weekender Bag

How I pack my suitcase, start to finish8. How I Pack my Suitcase

Ski Trip - What's in my bag?7. Pack for  Ski Trip

Guide to Amsterdam, 15 awesome things to do as told by a local.6. Guide to Amsterdam

5. Pack for 11 Day Alaskan Cruise

The Travel Light Method by Jessica Doll. Learn to pack for any trip in a single carry on suitcase. #packinglight #travellight #minimalism4. The Travel Light Method

5 days in Paris. What I wore for my trip to Paris3. Packing for Winter in Paris

2016 Travel Wishlist, Iceland2. Pack for Iceland in the SummerPack for Iceland in the Winter

1. Pack for Copenhagen in the Fall

What was your favorite travel-related content on my blog this year?

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While I haven’t been to Iceland, Paris or Copenhagen, I do travel. I was able to take just one piece luggage this past year after reading your packing tips.

I love all the travel guides you have! I have kids and I have put together a few posts for things like packing for the park, packing for camping.. each destination and type of travel definitely has its own best way to pack! I would love to visit Iceland some time, it sounds like an amazing place, and I love your photos.

You have covered packing essentials for various locations and seasons in 2017 and these all make complete sense and would be useful to all. My favourite here would be the Amsterdam guide as Iove the city.

There are some really helpful posts in this round-up. My sister in law has been wanting to go on an Alaska Cruise, I should send her the link about packing for Alaska cruises.

I love your packing for a weekender, as I ALWAYS seem to overpack…even if it’s just for two days. I’m always thinking…what If I don’t want to wear that, or it gets too cold or too hot, etc. And that photo of Amsterdam..hopefully, I will get to visit this place in the future.

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