How to Add Warmth to Minimal Decor

How to add warmth to minimal decor

Throughout my quest to find peace with the place we live and things we’re surrounded by, I’ve spent a lot of time evaluating the decor in our home and the items that we really need. I’ve come to find that while I love completely minimal decor, I love it more when there is a certain warmth to it. Here’s a few ways to add more warmth to what seems like an empty space.

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Easy Steps to Style a Shelf

Easy steps to style a shelf, featuring my Ikea Vittsjö shelves.

As part of my dining room update, I added a few Ikea Vittsjö shelves to the main wall for storage and to help ground the space. Up until now It’s sort of been a disaster, but this week I finally buckled down and made it look a little more attractive instead of like a catch-all dumping ground. Styling a shelf is not my favorite hobby, so before attempting the project, I did a lot of reading to help me out. Here’s what I learned…

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Home Inspiration From Iceland

Stylish home in Iceland

During our time in Iceland, one of my favorite places to stay was at this air Bnb in Stokkseyri. Stokkseyri is a small town on the coast, with a population of only 500 people. The gray barn house was designed to be maintenance free, and was beautifully decorated by our host Kristinn’s wife (who is an amazing interior designer). I just love to stay in places that have smart design.

Remember my post about drawing home decor inspiration from hotels? Similarly, I’ve used this place as home inspiration from Iceland, and as a jumping off point for a little home refresh, so I thought it would be fun today to share some of my favorite finds that remind me of our little slice of design heaven in Iceland.

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