A Connected Home

Connected home - how we live in a rental and still are able to use smart things to make life in our home easier.

This post is sponsored by Samsung.

Years ago if someone had told me that I would have a phone that can control parts of my house I never would have believed them. Not only did I grow up in a small town, we were always last to catch on to any new technology. Fast forward to today and I live in one of the most tech-forward parts of the world, the Silicon Valley. Everything is connected, from our cell phones to everyday items in our home. Today I’ve partnered with Samsung to share some of the ways we keep our (rental) home connected to the outside world.

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A Simple Christmas

Simple Christmas Decor - Scandinavian inspired, neutral, and stress free.

I’d say I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but I’m really dreaming of a neutral and simple Christmas that doesn’t stress me out. One Scandinavian inspired, without huge gifts and a tree so covered in decor that you can’t appreciate it’s natural beauty. This year I’ve really buckled down on the holiday clutter and today I am sharing my holiday decor with you. If a more simple version of the holidays is what you’re looking for, I hope it inspires you.

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A Perfect Neighbor Gift

Giant soft sea salt chocolate chip cookies.

This post is sponsored by Miss Jones Baking Co.

I’m finding more and more that when a special occasion comes up and there is baking required my mind always goes to the same place: delicious and easy! Whether I’m baking for a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion I find that more and more I lean toward using a mix instead of trying to bake something from scratch. A long time ago I discovered Miss Jones Baking Co. and not only are the products organic, almost all of them can be made dairy free (which is a big deal when you are allergic to dairy like me). Over the years I’ve tried the brownies, cake mixes, frostings, and cookies but I think these Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies are my favorite by far.

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My Work At Home Office

Work At Home Office, 5 easy tips to make your home office the most productive and happy space in your home.

This post is sponsored by Capital One.

Moving is always stressful, but with settling in lately I’ve been trying to find my silver lining. Aside from having air conditioning again (after not having it for 9 years), one of my favorite things about our new place is that my office is no longer in a closet. Awhile back, before the big move, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Capital One at their office in San Francisco to hear about the results of their 2017 Work Environment Survey…

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