A Mendocino Mama Trip

Mendocino Headlands State Park

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A few months back I took the boys with me for a little mama getaway to Mendocino. It was their Christmas gift from us and I was so excited to share with them a place I fell deep in love with during our last visit. All I could think about was how fun it would be for them to explore the wonders of the Northern California coastline. Being born and raised in California I’ve always been drawn to the northern coastline’s ruggedness. When you take time and look closer there is also beauty to be found in the tiny details, from the patterns in the rock to the tiny plants that grow along the coastal scrub areas. I’m happy to share it with you on Mother’s Day!

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Bowling Ball Beach

Bowling Ball Beach in Mendocino County, California

During our trip to Sea Ranch we took a day trip farther north to Mendocino County. For the longest time I’ve had a beach on my wishlist in that area but timing wasn’t right the last time we drove down. The beach is called Bowling Ball beach (a part of Schooner Gulch Beach) and is known for having extremely large sphere-shaped sandstone boulders (concretion) that line the beach and rock formation during low tide. Supposedly there is only one other beach in the world that has this phenomenon (in New Zealand).We got lucky enough during this trip to have low-tide coincide with when we were driving by.

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Gualala Point

Driftwood Forts at Gualala River Beach in Northern California

During our drive down the northern portion of Highway 1, we stopped at a river and beach front park called Gualala Point in a small town named Gualala. There was a small parking area and quite a few hiking trails. We didn’t have a lot of time to spend but took about an hour to relax from our long drive. My husband flew his quadcopter around a little and I checked out some really cool driftwood forts that someone had built on the beach.

Gualala River Beach in Northern California

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