Feel Good Winter Wardrobe Swaps

Feel Good Winter Wardrobe Swaps - Eco-friendly, socially conscious wardrobe duplicates for winter staples.

Above: Madewell Sweater / Everlane Sweater

Ever since I started a quest to make my closet “feel good”, I’ve been much more conscious of my shopping habits. One of the ways I’ve been more conscious is to look for a feel good alternative when I fall in love with something I know may not feel good to buy. Here are a few of my favorite winter items, as well as their feel good alternative to consider.

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2018 Travel Wishlist

Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway is on my 2018 Travel Wishlist

Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

With a trip to Napa, Mendocino, and Yosemite already in the works, this year is certainly starting out at a fast pace for me when it comes to travel. We have a few other more local plans in the works but don’t have a bigger trip for this Summer yet, perhaps this list will help us decide. Today I’m sharing my travel wishlist with you and keeping my fingers crossed we get to visit at least one of these beautiful places.

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2018 Blog Plans + Reader Survey

Take my 2018 reader survey and help decide the direction of this blog.

Last year was a rough one for my personal life and sadly it was reflected on my blog as well. While I have help from time to time, this little space of mine is really a one-woman show, so when something happens to me it will directly affect this blog and my presence online. I’m looking forward to a brighter year for 2018 and today I’m sharing my plans for Hej Doll in the New Year.

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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018.

2018 New Year's Resolutions at www.hejdoll.com

As I grow older, I find that my New Year’s resolutions have become less specific and are more broad in their approach. My goals for 2017 were to be intentional, live with less, and make time for myself. I feel like I definitely was able to achieve the first two as I no longer make decisions based on impulse, and after our big move we’re living with less than we ever have before. The last goal was where I stumbled a bit, and let’s face it, don’t we all struggle with making time for ourselves?

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