How to Add Volume to Fine Hair

How to add volume to fine hair in 7 easy steps

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My long blonde hair has become the most definable part of my image and often it receives the most questions, comments, and compliments. They range from how to grow your hair long, to how healthy it is, to how full and thick it is. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about my hair, while it may be thick, it is also fine. Very fine. There are a few things I do to get more volume from my tiny strands, and today I’ve partnered with Hair Food to share them with you.

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Inspired by Archer Hotel Napa

Archer Hotel Napa

This post is sponsored by Archer Hotel Napa.

Last month we got to visit one of my favorite nearby destinations, Downtown Napa. During our stay we were hosted by Archer Hotel Napa. I had it on my wishlist for a long time so I was really excited to get to stay there, and from the photos I’m sure you can see why. The decor of the hotel was right up my alley and I’ve always loved to find home decor inspiration from hotels. Today I’m sharing a few more photos of our room and some tips to get the same look in your own home.

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24 Hours in Downtown Napa

24 Hours in Downtown Napa

This post is sponsored by Downtown Napa.

Last year the North Bay area was ravaged by fires, including many parts of Napa Valley. As a place close to both my heart and home, I felt so deeply for so many of my fellow Californian’s in trouble. Many of my friends and family personally donated their time and resources to helping rebuild the area. This year Downtown Napa reached out to me to come check the area out and there’s no way I could say no. My last visit to Downtown Napa was one of my favorites, and I learned how walkable it actually was. This time was no different, so today I’ve teamed up with Downtown Napa to sharing my 24 hours there with you!

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Finding Balance in the New Year

6 ways to find balance in a healthy lifestyle in the new year

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So far this year I’ve been able to make progress in the realm of self care and not the kind that involves bubble baths. I’ve learned that progress in this area involves learning to make a hard decision that is better in the long run instead of the easy decision with short-term benefits. Today I’ve partnered with Nature’s Way to share some of the decisions I’ve made this year to help me find balance in my life.

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